About GCE

The Mission & Vision:

To promote quality education in all the streams with a view to establish research units.
To provide all amenities for the students, faculty members and staff by establishing both residential and non-residential institution.
To create the opportunities for research and surveys on technical subjects.
To create the opportunities to the students and faculty members to enhance their skills to interact with industry and globalize the opportunities by arranging guest lectures, seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops and thus enable them to mingle and exchange views with intelligentsia and elite of the society.
To provide and extend facilities like libraries, book clubs all over the country.

We at this Institution constantly strive to provide an excellent academic environment for the benefit of students and faculty so that they will acquire a technological competence synonymous with human dignity and values.
We are dedicated to a continuous process of quality surveillance to enable upgrading our Academic performance and Managerial practices through infrastructural and technological facilities. This commitment, we believe, will enable us to provide updated knowledge-inputs and practical support to our students in order to built their confidence level high.
Our commitment is to maintain here standards of discipline and decorum, of decency and dignity and character building are equaled by few and surpassed by none in contemporary educational systems.

Governing Body of Anath Bandhu Angurbala Social Welfare Trust:

Name Association
Mrs. Sanjukta Bera (Mondal) President
Dr. Tapan Bera Secretary
Sri Swapan Pandit Treasurer
Sri Srimanta Jana Member
Mrs. Kanchani Jana Member
Sri Saikat Bera Member

Governing Body of Gandhari College of Education:

Name Association
Mrs. Sanjukta Bera (Mondal) President
Dr. Tapan Bera Secretary
Sri Manik Lal Chakrabory Vice President
Dr. Atindra Kumar Barik Asst. Secretary
Mr. Supriya Das (Teacher Representative) Member
Mr. Sandip Guria (Non-Teaching representative) Member
Dr. Subhadip Ghosh (Principal) Member Secretary